Contemporary Vocal Lab

Contemporary Vocal Lab is a semester-long vocal course that typically enrolls four to seven students at a time.  The students perform as a class, individually, and in smaller groups, depending on the music chosen.

Contemporary Vocal Lab offers encouraging, personalized instruction in a relaxed, workshop-like atmosphere. The class does, however, prepare students to become professional musicians, giving them performance experience and helping to refine their music-reading skills. The small group environment allows students to receive individualized mentorship to meet the high expectations required in the course.

The Vocal Lab’s diverse repertoire reflects its scheduled performances and the musical strengths of the semester’s class members. The musical focus for each semester has ranged from Country Music, 80s and 90s rock, to standards from The Great American Songbook.  The Vocal Lab performances throughout the year include Christmas First Night, the President’s Gala, the Commercial Music Fest concerts as well as Coffee Shop or Cabaret-type performances.  Auditions are required to be part of Contemporary Vocal Lab.  For audition requirements for admission into the class contact Associate Professor of Music Deedy Francis at or (864) 231-2001.