Austria and Germany

Location: Austria and Germany

Semester: Spring 2021

Course Information: International Studies – 3 Credit Core Course

Course Code: IS 398 Austria

Lead Faculty: Dr. Howard Kim

Travel Assistant: Dr. Chris Neuenschwander

Course Title: All Roads lead to Vienna, the 18th  and 19th Century’s Unofficial Capital of the European Music World

Course Description: Students will study the cultural, political, religious, and philosophical climate of the late 18th and early 19th century in an effort to understand why Vienna would become the choice destination for musicians. Students will see historical sites, museums and attend concerts to experience the musical culture of Germany and Austria. This class will retrace the career moves of two of history’s most celebrated composer’s, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven, from their respective birth cities of Bonn, Germany and Salzburg, Austria to their arts destination of Vienna, Austria. This course will explore the culture of each country as well as their impact on music. (This course is a core-course and not departmental class. Therefore, international concepts and learning outcomes will be addressed such as historical, political and cultural impact of each country.)

Travel Dates: Spring Break 2021

Tentative Travel: Germany (3 days) and Austria (7 days)

Estimate: Approximately $3,000

Housing/Accommodations: Local hotels.

Contact: or for more information.

Eligibility Requirements: Anderson students are eligible to enroll in an international study course (AU Abroad) with their advisor's approval. This includes freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. However, scholarship eligibility depends upon class rank, GPA and financial need. 

Scholarship Eligibility: Scholarships are awarded to help reduce the cost of the travel fee, which is an additional charge as part of student's registration for the program. The AU Abroad scholarship ranges up to $1,000.00 and is awarded upon eligibility, GPA and financial need.  To be eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship, students must be a junior or senior. However, students who are sophomores in the nursing and/or education major are eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship. (This exception is made because nursing and education majors have limited availability for classes in their junior and senior year.) First-year students are not eligible for the AU Abroad scholarship but can register and take any international studies course with academic approval. 

Registration: Students can register for an international studies course by contacting the Center for Global Engagement. They must apply through our online software program called VIA. Once students are approved for the course they will be informed and registered by the Center for Global Engagement for the course. Students cannot register for AU Abroad classes with their regular registration. Students should speak with their academic advisor regarding how the IS 398 (AU Abroad) course will be used for their academic plan before applying online for the class. AU Abroad is an international studies course, and is designed as a core course. (Students can only apply for one AU Abroad course during the semester.)

Payment: Payment can be made in person at Anderson Central (G. Ross Anderson Jr. Student Center) or online through self-service. You can pre-pay for any AU Abroad program by depositing funds within the semester account in which the class will take place. Please advise Anderson Central that the pre-payment is for AU Abroad, as well as the semester and which country you will be traveling. Pre-payment does not propose course registration availability. *Additional payment details, including deposit amounts and due dates are forthcoming. 

All payments are nonrefundable. Payments can be made in person to Anderson Central or online. Please indicate that the payment is for the spring 2021 semester and for the IS 398 Austria course fee/travel fee. 

Payment Plan Details: TBA