Counseling Center

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The Counseling Center is a service provided by Anderson University for its students. The purpose of the Center is to provide a confidential, trusting, and caring environment where clients can work on the issues that brought them to counseling. The client-counselor relationship is unique in that the focus is always on the client's needs. While the Center's staff are professional and respect the values of all clients, the worldview of the Counseling Center staff is Christian.

Anderson University Counseling Center services are available to all full-time traditional track students at no cost. Referral and emergency service are available for Evening and part-time students.

Location: Lower level of the village building (next door to Health Services and Residence Life offices.)

Contact Us:  or 864-622-6058

Office Staff: Kala Whatley
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (864)622-6058
Personal Inquiries:

Counselor: Erin Maurer, M.Ed., LPC/S
Director of Counseling Services

Counselor: Dennis Wells, M.Min., M.A, LPC/S

Counselor: Tom MacLennan MSW, LMSW

Counselor: Danielle McFarquhar LPC-I